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CrowdFundItalia è un portale che fornisce donazioni a bambini indifesi, donne e poveri affinché diventino autosufficienti. I progetti umanitari di CrowdFundItalia (realizzato dall'Ente Nazionale per la Trasformazione Digitale) si impegnano ad aiutare in tutto il mondo.

a) Abbiamo aiutato le famiglie e le comunità a rimettersi in piedi rapidamente.
b) I strumenti di raccolta fondi di CrowdFundItalia ti consentono di creare, condividere e raccogliere fondi per la tua campagna.
c) CrowdFundItalia ti aiuta a condividere facilmente la tua storia in lungo e in largo tramite e-mail, testo e social media per raccogliere supporto per la tua causa.

Our Vision

RiseLab helps to stand in the gap to provide the things that needy, hurting people may need to survive and become self-sufficient. RiseLab’s humanitarian projects are committed to helping children and their families around the world.

•    Providing education, clothing, food, and medical help to school-age children
•    Providing health and nutritional training for families and parents of deprived children
•    Helping communities in deprived areas through micro-enterprise and sustainable  gardening projects
•    Provide nutritious food to school children which can improve attention spans and comprehension levels


Our Mission

Our experience from years of working in countries around the world has shown us that supporting voluntary, non-remunerated donation is the most effective and cost-efficient intervention.
RiseLab has facilitated such efforts as establishing rural blood banks and supplying bloodmobiles to improve donor access and operational efficiency.
We also have resourced collectors by providing items such as donation couches, portable beds, and recognition gifts to enhance comfort and encourage donors to return.


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